It’s still Day Ten as I write this (not a unique phenomenon, me writing a day’s review before it’s over) and I think it’s probably better if I just call it here and say I’m not going to get anything done today — and when I say ‘today,’ I mean Day Ten, not today, which is Day Eleven. I’m in a weird state of turmoil, but by the time you read this, it will hopefully have been replaced by jubilant, joyous feelings.

I did spend part of the day yesterday (again, referring to Day Ten) working through some of the concepts covered in Chapter 20, but that’s about it. I think perhaps I’ll ask for cookiemonger’s input before continuing? I wonder how far she is in the comic? When I spoke to her the other night, she had been at least as far as Chapter 8, and expressed a desire to catch up. Which reminds me of another thing.

Not whinging or anything, but at the moment I write this (still Day Ten, by the way) I’m feeling the gravity of writing for an audience without having a direct connection to them. It’s sort of like dancing on stage while blinded by the lights shining on you. You know there are people out there, because the tickets sold out, but you have no idea if they’re enjoying themselves or not. Not sad or angry, just disconcerted. It happens.

I think a forum would probably be a bad idea — there are plenty of forums on the Internet. I suppose what I ought to do is find a cooperative forum and ask for some space, with the agreement that people can discuss the comic and that I would send traffic their way. Like a partnership or something. It’s an interesting idea, I wonder if anyone would go for it? I’d almost rather observe the discussion than directly participate in it anyway.