Well, it took more than the weekend than I expected, and most of the following week, but I’m finally there. I finished the script for Chapter 20 and as I write this (at 11 PM on Day Sixteen), I’ve finished the first six pages. I intend to keep working as long as it’s feasible, going until midnight, or maybe even a little after if need be, to finish this chapter. It’s essential that I finish so I can pretend I’ll work on Chapter 21 this weekend.

Once I sat down and started working on it, the script flowed right out of my head and onto the page, albeit in fits and spurts. There were times when I was writing the characters, and there were times when the characters were simply directing me to write the scene themselves. Not in a weird way, just in a “that thing you thought was going to be a significant part of the conversation is just small talk, here’s what we’re really on about.”

Building this chapter has been pretty straightforward, and I’ve noticed interesting little spaces in the dialogue I seem to have left with the intent of placing some sort of physical comedy bit — characters turning this way and that, waving their little arms to get your attention, doing a feeble little dance for your entertainment, that sort of thing — and the all were filled in easily enough. There haven’t been any hard parts yet. Key word: yet.