Barely missed my goal, but only because I forgot to save one of the pages as a JPEG after building it, and I caught it when I reviewed the pages that were done for errors. I think I had the last page saved and everything by somewhere around a quarter after midnight, which means that I wasn’t technically finished “by Monday,” no matter how close I was. Still, this is an achievement. I’ve finished Chapter 19.

Now, I need a script for Chapter 20 by the end of the day Friday, which I think I can pull off. Maybe. I mean, I think I should be able to. It means that tomorrow, I’ve got to be on the ball: I’ve got to be thinking Chapter 20 thoughts when my eyes first flutter open in the morning, and I’ve got to be thinking Chapter 20 thoughts as I walk to the train station, then writing Chapter 20 thoughts on the train to work.

I’m excited! If I keep up this pace, I’ll actually have all of Chapter 20 completed before any of it ever goes online! That would be phenomenal: an event I haven’t seen for a couple months, at this point. I have another task, which waits for some sidelined energy: compiling and reviewing notes from this year for continuity. Oh dear, there’s a lot that has to be done, it’s like tax season has come early. >_<