edit: This entry is backdated, and was written around 1 AM on the 19th.

Funny old world, me writing an update for Friday’s progress in the early hours of Sunday, shortly before changing gears enough that I can write Saturday’s progress report and … it’s just weird to be writing a progress report after the whole “after the fact” time window. I’m, like, two “after the facts” back. Forward. Whatever.

Friday I’d pretty much resigned myself to having fun over the weekend and not thinking too hard about getting work on the comic done. As much as I’d hoped to crank out three chapters in three weeks, that was just … unlikely. Now, it’s still entirely possible to finish Chapter 21 well before I need it, it just means working on it through the next week.

Which I can actually technically do. I have plenty of time over the next week, because I’ve got all my shopping out of the way and there’s only wrapping to be done. Tuesday I’ve got a Solstice Service that I’m singing in. (Something I volunteered for! Me, singing!) And Friday night was devoted to having fun. Just plain fun. Copious amounts thereof.