Shortened the name of the project, decided that I wanted to make two or more mad rushes to boost my comic buffer, I could come up with another name. BBoB 2011 might be January, February, or whenever, and I can come up with a new names for any other one. Names are kind of important — and/or titles. Acronyms also have significance, in similar but still distinct ways. Without a word count meter, it’s hard to say what my goal was.

I still did stuff, though. Mostly what I did was decide what was going to happen next, and figure out a little bit of what happened before. When I’d worked on the first story arc, I don’t remember if I ever intended to write flashbacks to the events between Chapters 6 and 7, but I’m already thinking about things I need to write to follow between Chapters 18 and 19. Forward thinking or getting ahead of myself? I don’t know.

I reviewed Elysia’s background and actually added a bit more. I’m glad for The Dragonslayers project last month, for helping me see how I could add background, story, and a future to a character that already existed. I have some ideas for points in future story arcs that relate to Elysia’s past. All the characters have backgrounds in various stage of completion. They aren’t telling — they’re a secretive lot.