How did I spend yesterday? What did I do? I remember I slept in, and there were frequent thoughts of the comic throughout the day. I also remember that I didn’t do much about those thoughts, maybe because I didn’t want to spoil the day too much by thinking about the comic. Right now, I have a buffer that will last me through December.

The next few days at work will doubtless be slow and with little to do, giving me ample time to think about and work on Chapter 21. That’s right! I have more than a week to think about the next chapter! In fact, I have almost two! I think about how I wanted to have Chapter 21 finished by the end of today and it makes me smile. It isn’t going to happen that way, but I tried and I made progress towards my goal despite myself.

Next time I make a goal like “Buffer or Bust,” I should think I will get even closer to my planned goal. I don’t seem the slightest bit morose that I didn’t make my goal of having three chapters finished in three weeks. Instead, I have a buffer that will allow me to relax, at least until next week, before rushing to catch up again.