I’m thinking I may have to give myself a slight extension on the most current deadline. Of course I think it’s important to set deadlines and reach them, and I also want to enjoy myself on Friday, which I won’t be able to do while fretting over meeting a writing deadline. So I’m going to give myself a slight extension. I have to have finished the script for Chapter 20 before I leave for the D&D game on Saturday.

I throw words at myself like determination and integrity and I also throw words at myself like intolerable-jerk-who-needs-to-have-more-fun. I think I’m steadily getting better at that last one (through the use of determination and personal integrity, no less!) and I think I still need to remind myself that deadlines are supposed to be tools. They’re a means, not an end. You shoot for the moon to shoot, not to get the moon.

So I’m going to make a concerted effort to relax. It might sound weird to try to relax, but it’s something that I don’t think I learned to do without effort, so I think it’s legitimate. For someone who makes an effort to think not just about what he does, but to also think about what he thinks about doing things. Relaxing takes energy, like any other process. It’s a process with a potential return on energy that exceeds its overhead cost.