Nothin’ doing. I’m so behind. *stress* I’ll probably wind up staying up late tomorrow to make sure this Chapter gets done before tomorrow. I mean, I have the first four pages scripted, I’m just so far behind. I don’t have the proper motivation, and I’m just … I don’t know. I’ll be better off tomorrow, I think. *shakes head* I’ve been doing just fine on getting the blog ready half a day in advance, now I need to work on the comic.

Of course, there’s also the solstice choir performance looming, and that’s weighing on my mind somewhat. I think I did pretty well last night, considering I still have only the faintest clue of what I’m doing. Eating well enough, and thinking. Doing lots of thinking, lately. There are thoughts weighing heavily on my mind … lots of stuff weighing on me, apparently. Time to find a new cliche, methinks.

And I’m also looking at options for taking Rumors of War to the next level. I’m looking at things that Erfworld and Drowtales are doing, and I wonder if they’re the types of things I could pull off. Would anyone be interested in having their own character inserted in the comic? Do you think people would pay to participate in a game run by me and illustrated in sprite comic form like Rumors of War?

What are my options, and what will ultimately work for me?