Yesterday was a beautiful and brilliant day. I woke up with so many ideas, and as I thoughts about them, I got more ideas, and when I finally was able to write them down, I retained everything important, and even added a little bit. I was so excited and had ideas coming out of my ears. I thought in the shower, wrote on the train…

First things first: after something like two years of working on Rumors of War, I finally know what its title means. I chose the name and started the comic before I knew what the name meant, which means it’s had time to sort of “grow into it.” The title always meant something to me, but I hadn’t worked out what it meant … until yesterday.

Titles of things are important to me, and the title has been important throughout the entire design and development process (I’m a little murky at this hour, so I haven’t got the presence of mind to determine the difference between the two and how they apply in what order, so I’m going to say both until I can figure out what I mean … after the fact.)

Now, the other amazing thing is that I seem to have acquired the plot of the next comic in the “cycle” or “saga” or whatever it’s called, which ties into Rumors of War, called Gaia’s Revenge. It took me a bit to reach a place where I could quietly agree with myself that all the necessary stories connected, and I’m willing to admit such a project exists.