My first goal for Buffer or Bust was to finish the Chapter 19 script by Friday, which I did just shy of midnight on Friday. In order to meet my second goal, I’ll need to finish building the next eight pages before the end of the day. I think I’ve got a pretty firm command of what I’m doing, if I had an hour to myself, I could get them all done at once, though I imagine what’s more likely is that I’ll be making pages sporadically throughout the day.

To meet my next goal, I’ll need to start working on the script for Chapter 20 immediately, I aim to have the script for the next chapter done by the end of the day Friday. I’m looking at getting a chapter done each week for the first three weeks of December. If I can do that, I can do anything — at least until the next project rears its head and I’m reduced to a quivering puddle of jelly. If I can get ahead of myself, I can do more!

This weekend, I also managed to write several blog posts ahead for Saturday (I lagged a little on Sunday), which gave me all the time in the world free of stress and worrying. I mean, not that writing the blog stresses me out, it just means I have to play catch-up later, and I have a bad track record when it comes to finishing things after the assigned due date. (Ask any of my teachers from grades … elementary through college.)