Yesterday, I actually squeezed some more pages of script out of me. I’d hoped to stay up last night to work on them, but that doesn’t seem to have worked out the way I would’ve liked the last few times I’ve tried. I think perhaps I’ll take another stab at scripting today, and build the seven pages I already have finished. Actually the first page is already done, I’d just hoped to have more done already. You know, by Monday, three days ago.

I suppose I ought to go easier on myself. It’s been a while since I’ve actually tried to cram so much comicking into such a short period of time … I mean, this way that I’m doing it. I’m actually still recovering from NaNoWriMo, come to think of it, and I had so very little time to plan this story arc, and there’s no time at all for drafts before scripting. So little time between scripting and building. I’m writing half-blind.

But I know what the characters are doing and where they’re supposed to be, as much as one or two chapters ahead. I already knew this was going to be a weird story arc because it’s the last of the first four, and when the arc comes to a close, the comic will have been running for a year. It’ll be the end of the beginning and I can stop spending so much time introducing things, and get to telling stories about them.