Well, if Friday night was dedicated to having fun, then Saturday was dedicated to relaxing and having fun. Cookiemonger and I stayed up all night talking (again). She’s amazing, she still manages to set aside time to get all her writing done when she’s spending time chatting me up — I get a backlog of work and scramble to catch up, I mean, look, I missed Saturday morning’s Buffer or Bust report. (Wrote and backdated.)

Friday night we played Arkham Horror for … hours. I think it would’ve been fun under slightly different circumstances, but quibbles are quibbles and a game is a game. We both had fun, and unless the laughing, smiling people were all very good liars, they had fun too. Which would be kind of creepy, because everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Cookiemonger and I also spent most of the day together, and I headed home in the afternoon for a shower and a quick change before I was picked up for my Saturday Dungeons & Dragons game. It’s been such an amazingly busy weekend, there’s just been so much to do. Later today, we’re going to go see a film and … before you know it, the weekend will be behind us and it’ll be a whole new week.