Not sure what compelled me to choose this particular entry, after two weeks without so much as a gesture in the shape of a blog-to-blog post. I do link to cookiemonger’s blog with some frequency, usually when she’s on my mind while I’m writing, but here I was reading, and in the midst of reading I found myself thinking writerly thoughts.

It’s a bit late, I suppose, to do a review of Toy Story 3, since to review it properly I’d sort of need to have seen it recently, or something like that. I mean, I could review anything in the world that I wanted — but it makes more sense for me to review something when it’s relevant to me. So here, I’m going to think out loud about Toy Story 3.

I was surprised by this movie in a good way. I really didn’t think Pixar could pull off another entry in the series, particularly after the second one. I mean, I don’t go back and watch Toy Story 2 but I appreciate it for what it is: a not-terrible followup to a great first film. Still, something about Toy Story 3 left me with a sense of disappointment.

I don’t want sequels from Pixar. I want to see new things. Wonderful things. Amazing things. I think the people at Pixar have a very beautiful and unique vision, and I want to see them aim it at anything and everything — I think it’s a rare commodity that is utterly wasted on sequels. Again, I think Toy Story 3 is a great movie.

…And I’m ready to move on. The last Pixar film I really enjoyed was Wall-E, and I only see about every other, or every third Disney/Pixar film. I saw Bolt, which wasn’t terrible, but I missed Up and the one about the rat (too lazy to look up the spelling). I saw Cars and The Incredibles, and I was particularly impressed by the latter.

Difficult to please? Yeah, I guess. I don’t think I’m wrong, either. Again, I loved the themes of Toy Story 3, and I think if anyone was going to make a good third sequel, it was going to be Pixar. But it isn’t a trilogy. It isn’t a saga. Not to me, anyway. I think the story was done at the end of the first movie. Maybe I need to watch them again, I don’t know.