So, I recently participated in the “Year in Status Updates 2010” meme going around FaceBook (I also did one last year, but I made sure to save it this year >_>), and I paged through hundreds of status updates to pick out some of the gems for my “status collage” to post on FaceBook.

I also wrote down a number of other status updates that I wanted to share here, as well. I amuse myself terribly, so there will be a number of these posts over the next several days … or longer. I promise this will hurt you a lot more than it will hurt me.

Spring 2010:


I received the Utena soundtrack for my birthday and I listened to it obsessively for the first several months of the year. This post referenced “the fossil record song.”

“Doesn’t like tomatoes. However, he has been spending the last several months buildings up tolerance by eating fresh salsa from Rubio’s. Last night he ate a hamburger with two big slices of tomato with minimal gagging. Milestone!”

There are a number of foods of which I’m not particularly fond. I’m not really allergic to them, they mostly just make me gag. Tomatoes, olives, seafood, eggplant, mushrooms, etc. I have this long-term plan to condition myself to eat almost any food, and I started with avocados, tomatoes, and fish.