Here are some more of those wonderful FaceBook quotes from over the last year. This post picks up where the last one left off, in the Spring.

Has just realized he can use SparkNotes to learn more about books he’s never read. For fun.

I wanted to familiarize myself with the contents of a German literary piece called Demian, which served as an inspiration for the series Revolutionary Girl Utena. Rather than struggle to read a book I had only a passing interest in, I read the SparkNotes version and fell in love with this idea of skimming through a book before reading it. Eventually, when I regain my patience for reading longer works, I’ll be sure to read Demian.

I was just thinking that if I were the one to make Creation, it would’ve taken me longer than seven days. It’d go something like “And on the Third Day, Nick put aside His work to read TVtropes. The next Few Days passed as He read articles on Wikipedia and He finally got back to Creation on the Fifteenth Day. Then he took another break…”

Here I’m just saying that I find the whole world so interesting, there’s no way I could make it and not marvel at it. There’s a great short story by Neil Gaimen called Murder Mysteries that details an angel’s investigation of the first-ever murder in all of Creation, long before Cain and Abel and all that business. Anyway, I seem to recall one of the early questions posed by the story was “Seven days, yes, but how long were each of those days?”