Yesterday I woke up feeling pretty crappy. I don’t know if it’s a holiday funk, perhaps the cold and the wet and the snow finally getting to me, or what, but all I wanted was to crawl back in bed and disappear for the day. It took a phone call (technically two) and skipping the train, (plus some time spent browsing TVtropes) to feel even remotely OK. Even…

Anyway, some fun quotes and ideas came out of this terrible, awful, nasty slump. I came up with the “And-Chew-Bubblegum Attitude,” which is whatever you happen to be left with when bubblegum is taken away: say that, like me, you “felt crappy and chewed bubblegum.” When you take away the bubblegum, feeling crappy is all you have left. I’m going to have to master this new turn of phrase and spread it EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, it was while sharing the “bubblegum” quote-thing with one of my coworkers (another Troper), she mentioned that the particular phrase reminded her of the Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking trope, and it remembered my current catchphrases are:

“Die in a fire.” (Sometimes preceded by “I hope you/they.”)

“Death, death, death.” (Usually used as a non sequitur.)

It just seemed so apropos. I achieved Arson, Murder, and Bubblegum.