I’m taking my copy of Arkham Horror with me this weekend, when I go to stay with cookiemonger for the holiday, on the off-chance that there will be time and a willingness for the assembled people to learn and play the game. The game’s still a mess from the last time I brought it, and I thought I’d make things easier by leaving most of the expansion stuff at home. Most of it, anyway. I enjoy my Injuries and Madness-es.

The whole process of sorting out the bits from different expansions and setting them aside has me thinking about the mechanics of the game, and how my understanding has changed since I started learning. The guy I learned the game from didn’t entirely know what he was doing when he taught me, and though I read the rulebook when I got the game myself, I wasn’t able to fully digest its contents. I still learn new things as I play.

All in all, the process of learning and playing Arkham Horror hasn’t been all together different from learning and playing Dungeons and Dragons. Not everyone playing knows entirely what’s going on all the time, but there’s a game to be had when enough of the people are working together at the same time with the same goal in mind. I continue to learn new things about roleplaying all the time. It’s good to revisit the basics.