My character Allandra is a multiclass wizard/cleric with a decided emphasis on frost magic, conjuration, teleportation, and the outer planes. She recently attained character level 11th, which in Fourth Edition means she’s now a “Paragon” character, and is afforded a cute new suite of powers. It’s very satisfying having her flit about the battlefield, ensnaring enemies with her spells, and banishing others from play entirely.

I chose the Bralani Wintersoul paragon path, which grants my character a little prestige in the form of minor nobility among the Faerie Winter Court. It’s possible for me to work my way up the “food chain,” but it’s unlikely I’ll actually pursue it in-game. Our adventures have focused primarily on the Natural World, and the adventure I run will follow suit.

Still, there’s plenty of time during the Paragon Tier to work in more of the Feywild, and I don’t know what will happen once we finish White Cliff. It’s possible that with some rest, our DM will resume his original duties, or we may even have another person step in as the Dungeon Master for a time. We seem pretty flexible in that regard.

I’m happy to have made it as far as I have with a character at all, let alone a character whose personality and powers match my play style so well: weird, kind of eclectic, but with a focus on, again, weird stuff. My favorite power is, without a doubt, Magic Missile, simply because I don’t have to roll to hit with it. A bonus in my book any day, every day