One of the difficult parts of creating a site-based adventure for a roleplaying game is making sure the characters stick around to finish the adventure. When you have an adventure where the objective is to leave the site in question, it’s important that you regularly reward the players, despite the fact that they maybe haven’t managed to escape yet, especially if it’s a particularly long adventure.

Escape From White Cliff is such an adventure. It’s got a lot of plots running through it that hopefully keep the players engaged, but they may get fatigued if they don’t feel like they’re making enough progress, or if they don’t feel like they’re accomplishing anything. One of the first questions I had to answer was “what happens if they jump out of a window?” Of course, problems like this are easier to take care of at the paragon level.

Since White Cliff is an arcane university, it makes use of powerful magic to not only ward the school from intrusion (magical wards set up to prevent unauthorized teleportation into the school), but attempting to leave by any means other than the front doors, or certain other “escape tunnels,” will have much the same effect of trying to place a bag of holding inside a portable hole. Reality is ripped open and the character is sucked into the Abyss.