I previously mentioned that I’ve started talking to the players about working their characters’ pasts and futures into the adventure Escape from White Cliff. Let me give you a quick run-down of the party and what I know about them so far:

    Arasys, changeling Sorcerer (Lightning Fury) – swordmage mentor
    Bree, halfling Rogue (Jack of all Trades)
    Dave, half-elf Ranger/Rogue – warring elf clans
    Gunther, dragonborn Ranger – missing dragonborn clan
    Kjolorn, eladrin wizard
    Zane, human … fighter? – unknown background/identity

I already have ideas, based on the information I have so far. I’d really like to have more from everyone involved, since the more time I have to think about it, the better I can make the plot hooks and the more time I can devote to each character’s background. I can’t control when I get the information and I can only work with what I have. I need paragon paths from four of them, backgrounds from two, and a build from our DM.

I’ve already got treasure picked out for four of the six party members, and I’ve got plot hooks to insure that two of them stick around for the adventure. If I can just guarantee that every character has some great loot to look forward to, and both an interesting reason to go there, and an interesting reason to stay there, I’ll be set. Getting information from players can be like extracting stubborn, deeply-rooted objects from a cramped location.