I panicked a bit this morning. I forced myself to confront the fact that I’ve only got the first five pages of Chapter 17 finished and I’d yet to complete the script for the chapter. I hate having to stay on my toes like this all that time, and page five goes up tomorrow morning. Before I can get to my novel today, I’m going to have to get some more work done on my comic. Blog, comic, and then novel. All today. Right.

So, I sat down with Write Or Die and challenged myself to put together everything I knew about this story arc and where it was supposed to go next. And I wrote nearly a thousand words on the subject. I reviewed Chapters 13 through 16, and reacquainted myself with the ending I had in mind for the story arc. With that in mind, I came up with the conclusion for Chapter 17. Easier than I thought it would be.

Something I’ve found recently, between working on The Dragonslayers and Rumors of War, is that whether I’m working on them or not, something is going on with these stories when they aren’t at the forefront of my mind. Sometimes all it takes is returning to it, refreshing my memory, and suddenly there are new scenes I hadn’t imagined before. “Where do they all come from?” is what I ask myself.

I like to think that over the last year, I’ve gotten better at storytelling, considering how much time I’ve spent occupied with thinking about it, writing about it, or actually doing it, but I think there was something there to begin with. I’ve always been interested in storytelling and I think I have a knack for it. Most of my life, I think I’ve spent honing that talent. Either way, I hope you’re entertained. That’s what really matters. :)