So, my friend Don and I were talking about what sort of game we’d like to play, if and when we start a new campaign via Skype. I have some obvious reservations, ’cause running a game online is difficult and running a game at all is time-consuming. He’s going to be busy moving this month, and I’m going to be occupied with NaNoWriMo, so we’re talking about the future, definitely after November, probably after the holidays, too.

We talked about what we might play, hypothetically, and I think the assumption is that I’d be DMing. He expressed an interest in bringing in another player, a kid I’ve never met, who he met in Northern California (must have been a neighbor kid or something, I don’t know). We talked about campaign styles, and I brought up the “Dante’s Inferno” campaign we’d considered at one point. Moreover, it would be a “Journey into Hell” game.

Of course, at that point, the conversation quickly went from Dante’s Inferno (which I haven’t read) to Diablo (see: previous blog entry). A major factor in playing this game would be making it as easy to run and straightforward as possible. A Diablo-styled campaign would be nice and easy, and I’m thinking I could set it in Mythical Greece and save myself some background development time. *grins*