Somewhere around here, I have a brain, and I hope to find it before the end of the day. It must have gone home early when I went to lunch, because I haven’t seen it since around then. I mean, I wrote a little here and there, but once I clocked out for lunch, my mind went somewhere else entirely.

I mean, I totally forgot I needed to write another entry for this afternoon. I was staring at the computer, thinking to myself that I should take another stab at the opening scene of my novel (currently written a couple hundred words to replace a couple hundred words, and expect to go a bit further with it) but I’m lacking motivation to do anything but read and/or stare into space.

So, bare minimum here: barely enough to hit my minimum word count for a blog entry. Most of the time I go well over one hundred fifty words, but I’m not going to anything special just now. Just trying to get through the day, hopefully I won’t get so distracted I miss the evening post. I managed to finish the rest of Chapter 17 of Rumors of War last night, so I’m just not going to worry about this too much. >_<