For the first time in my life, I’m going to return a gift that was given to me — thankfully the angst will be minimal because this is a present I gave myself: the Playstation 3. It might seem kind of odd ’cause I was semi-excited about getting the silly thing to begin with, but that was before I realized that it wouldn’t run my PS2 games. It honestly never occurred to me that the games wouldn’t work on the new console.

I thought there must have been some kind of mistake, so I went to the Internet looking for answers. The first thing I found was a confusing section of the Sony website that asked you to enter specific titles to check for their reverse-compatibility. I checked a couple titles off the top of my head, then realized that it wanted you to select a PS3 model number, which confused me. There were different PS3 models? I checked mine: “160 GB/GO.”

I thought that was just supposed to be the hard drive space. Maybe that is all it’s supposed to be. I continued to search the Internet for clues: was there a software/firmware update that enabled backwards compatibility? Was I going to have to purchase a module or an upgrade? The resounding answer to all these questions was “no.” There was simply no way to get my PS2 games to run on the shiny new Playstation 3.

No thank you. Once I’d confirmed the situation by popping in a random assortment of PS2 titles (the ones I was most interested in playing), I packed the useless thing back in its box. I ordered a new PS2 on Amazon and I’m taking the PS3 back to CostCo today. For this inconvenience, I probably won’t bother with Sony again until the PS4. Maybe.