I gave this some serious thought, and spent a bit of time figuring out what the Hypnotist was put on the battlefield to do. In essence, I came up with some of the “fluff” that ties the class powers together. See, I originally had these ideas of making the Hypnotist a scary, sand-in-face-throwing menace, but that would be a great one-shot villain, not a character class. So I decided the class should be geared towards fighting said villain. Sort of.

I picture the Hypnotist as your friendly-neighborhood illusion-buster and enchantment-breaker. Originally adapted from a class that provided general buffs and heals, some dudes on the battlefield realized that illusions, enchantments, charms, and domination magic were causing more casualties to their side than blasting, and they developed countermeasures to fight these things, starting with the glitterdust and dancing lights spells.

Because it’s often difficult to detect an illusion from afar, the early Hypnotists had to be able to survive alongside their heavily-armored compatriots, so they developed fighting techniques to confuse and befuddle foes so they could avoid getting stabbed in the face while detecting and busting illusions. The “sleeping powder” that’s associated with them now was originally designed as a nonlethal means of subduing charmed or dominated allies, but has since been turned to offensive purposes.

Members of the Hypnotist fight fire with fire, turning charms and illusions back on their masters, shaking their allies out of trances and confusion, and bolster the willpower of their companions against mental assault. They stay in the thick of things so they can lend a helping hand where needed, they’re a class of controllers who stand next to their defenders; not in the back, not out of the way, not behind them.