Love how this episode begins with a “cold opening,” Kit and Baloo are waiting by the Seaduck when an elephant runs up with some stolen loot, alarms blazing behind him and the cops hot on his tail. It makes for a very amusing beginning. Baloo then fails to deliver the package at the proper time (he’s unaware of the nature of his cargo) and gets stuck doing flying tours of the city to make ends meet.

I like this episode for a couple of reasons. First of all: WILDCAT. I might’ve forgotten to mention this (recently), but Wildcat is one of my favorite characters. I wonder if he ever made the Ensemble Darkhorse page? (Evidently, he didn’t.) Also, I like this episode for its villain, that tiny alligator-mobster who wanted the stolen loot. I liked his voice and I liked his goons. Stupid, but entertaining.

Actually, like Martin Torque from the episode From Here to Machinery, I liked this alligator fellow (whose name escapes me) enough that I kind of wish he showed up again as a bit player in some other plot. He was a really colorful character, and while he was one-dimensional, I think it could have been interesting to see how he got to be such an influential mob-type boss. Maybe he’s an incompetent bit player who was just helped along by another mobster? Another sad example of the cartoon snapback effect.