Man, this episodes bugs the crap out of me. I mean, there are a couple of things that I really like about it, actually, mostly just the villain, MacNee, ’cause he’s one creepy dude (another great candidate for recurring villain or anti-hero). I don’t like how the episode’s theme of child negligence is cured by the magical power of adventure. It just bugs me.

The critter that wants its mommy (and only repeats the word “mommy” over and over again, like a freaking Pokemon) wasn’t cute to me, and its power to grow when subjected to water, or shrink when it’s dry just makes the biology part of my brain hurt. This episode seemed to be more “magical” to me than others, which were action-adventure tales more rooted in magical realism than … weird pink blob-monsters.

Again, all points for this episode are awarded to MacNee, who was another villain with more character and personality than the protagonists. Whoops, wait, we didn’t want that, did we? Why are these antagonists more interesting than the heroes of our show, who are a bunch of self-centered jerks? *shakes head* I’m thinking TaleSpin could have used a rogue’s gallery for some of the colorful characters who showed up as one-shot villains. I’ll bet some of these side characters have a bigger fan-following than the leads.