I have a love-hate relationship with this episode. I love how it starts off — Baloo’s forced to land, pirates are searching his ship for loot, and he’s smuggled a bunch of rubies in big barrels of strawberry jam. The way Baloo teases Don Karnage with the jam borders on Foe Yay, and it’s clear that the two characters have a history, which is more than I can say for Baloo’s relationship with some of the main characters in other episodes.

I also find it fascinating to see Baloo’s pride serve as the kick-starter for the plot. He goads the air pirates into chasing him, and that leads directly/indirectly to him losing his pilot’s license through dangerous flying. Like the other episode written by Don Rosa, It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck, I’ll bet the rules in place regarding his dangerous flying, and his losing his license, will never be mentioned again. Ever.

Now the hate: I hate how Rebecca taunts Baloo when she “learns how to fly” from a book. I hate how she whines and moans about being useless when her flying gets them captured. I hate how Baloo taunts her when he suggests what should be done with the book (used as a blunt instrument). I get that there’s a harmony versus discipline thing going on, but it’s none too subtle. Of course, I like the iceberg with the propellers.