It doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago, but I remember my excitement about learning Inform 7 like it’s just a memory. I mean, I literally just picked the software up, when? Early September? Now it feels like a long time ago, even though we’re talking about only, what? Two months? All the hustle and bustle of the blog and the novel have made it so that I can only focus on a million things at once now, instead of two million things. But you know what? I feel like I’m getting things done, and things are getting done.

Here and there, I’ve had to let a project fall by the wayside, but it’s in the Darwinian sense, I think. The strongest projects survive, and the best traits of the projects that have come before are passed on to the next generation of projects. It’s just that the projects we’re talking about have … what kind of life cycle now?

Out of curiosity, I went back to try and find where I first started writing about my ideas for The Dragonslayers, and the notebook entry is only dated June Thirtieth. I’m almost positive I started thinking and writing about it sooner than that, but I couldn’t say where the writing is. I suppose it might’ve wound up in one of my electronic journals somewhere, and simply hasn’t been uncovered yet. It’s entirely possible that the whole novel outline that I thought I wrote is in one of the folder on the hard drive of this very laptop.

I mean, the one I’m using to write this. Anyway, I hope to revisit Inform 7, and about two million other things, sometime in the future. Maybe next month? Who knows?