I’ve written a little bit about each of the Seven States of Magic, and so now I’m going to start putting it all together, for my benefit and yours. This entry will be the most pingbacks to my own blog I’ve ever had in a single post, which is kind of cool to think about.

Mortal magic, Natural magic, or “practical” magic, is the power that keeps the whole world turning. Resembling Gurren Lagann’s “Spiral Power,” this is the ability of natural creatures to channel more power than they normally hold, to do the impossible and change.

Light magic, Primal magic, or Primeval magic, is the magic of feeling and dreaming, illusion and enchantment. It’s the magic of curiosity, emotions, and the fair folk. It’s the power that comes from the hearth, songs, and stories; the magic of the common folk.

Chaos magic, Balance magic, or Elemental magic, is the magic of freedom of choice, and opposites, and living and dying in harmony with the balance of all forces. Resembles the elemental “bending” magic of from the Avatar the Last Airbender series.

Ritual magic, Storm magic, or “divine” magic, is the magic of pacts, vows, oaths, and promises. Ritual magic is a combination of belief, prayer, repetition, and tradition, and it’s fed by creating and meeting the expectations of mortals and immortals alike.

Spirit magic, Ancestor magic, or “life force,” is the magic of the living, the dead, and the unborn — it is the universal animating force that gives people and things personality and “presence.” It’s the sixth sense. Resembles “Spiritual Power” from Bleach.

Entropy magic, Cosmic magic, or Occult magic, is the magic of the infinite, uncaring, incomprehensible nature of the cosmos. It’s the magic of fate and destiny, and the universal force that breaks everything down to be recycled.

Shadow magic, Arcane magic, or Hermetic magic, is the magic of reason, calculation, learning, exploration, and discovery. It seeks to push its boundaries ever to expand in the pursuit of the truth. Shadow magic seeks, above all else, to understand.

The Seven States form a circle — each state adjacent to, and influenced by two others; each state opposite two others — which is simply known as the Wheel of States. The creatures that swear fealty to one or more of the Seven States may call them other names or claim one has more power than the rest, but the Seven States are equal in all ways.