I had this idea that other day … Friday, I think … that these ideas I get, lots of them deserve to be developed, but I shouldn’t worry too much if some of them get rushed out early. Obviously, I’d like for all of my ideas to have the chance to see their finest moments, the pinnacle of their personal achievement (weird to think about an idea like a person) but It’s unrealistic. It’s like trying to work on too many projects at once.

Some ideas see fruition and others get rushed out the door. It’s important to keep plugging away, though, and to crank stuff out on a regular basis. Keep a couple ideas to yourself, though, and develop them for a grand release. Of course, I don’t have any “secret” projects right now, but I do have a couple that are undergoing special development. They’re getting the “royal treatment,” as it were, they get extra attention.

There shouldn’t ever be any worry about running out of ideas. Ideas are everywhere, and there’s certainly nothing new about them. I’m not about to go track down whoever said this (I think it was repeated in a NaNoWriMo pep talk) that there are no new ideas, but whatever you’re doing has never been done by you, before, and so you shouldn’t be afraid to do something that’s been done. You have a unique perspective.

The first two story arcs of Rumors of War are directly inspired by episodes of a TV series that will currently go unnamed. (The current story arc is mostly tying up loose ends and advancing the plot and character development, and introduces an important new character.) Perhaps once I’ve finished the first year of the comic, I’ll reveal the primary source for the first story arcs. Maybe. Or I might just keep it to myself. :)