Now that I’ve got my fifty thousand words for National Novel Writing Month, it’s time I got back to all those other things that are important: like the comic. It’s time for me to go back to stressing about regularly writing new blog entries. Just a few minutes ago, I was hearkening back to when I planned posts in advance, rather than rattling them off in a stupor fifteen minutes before they were to go live.

I’ve got pages for Rumors of War through tomorrow. Tonight, probably either late, after getting home from D&D, or sometime tomorrow morning, I’m going to crank out the next several pages. Then, I think I should focus on planning ahead and maybe building up my buffer a bit more. A week it nice, but two weeks is nicer. I like to know a bit farther in advance when I need to create a new character sprite. *snerk*

Regular updates will hopefully become more regular — at least from my end. I’m sure people reading this can probably notice some change in the clarity of my writing while I’m juggling more things than I have hands for, I mean, probably. I have a whole new story arc to plan for, that starts in only a week and a half, and I haven’t gotten past the outline. I mean, yeah, I know who’s in it and what they do, but I feel so unprepared…

…But I’m going to miss the frantic pace of NaNoWriMo. I really will miss it. Until next year, when it starts all over again. By then, at least, I’ll likely have more experience juggling comic and blog with other projects. Ah, but that’s next year, and I still have the next couple days to consider. *wistful*

edit: By the way, I hate, hate, hate the word “normalcy.”