So, we’ve got two of the three shards for the Head of Vyrellis. It would feel like more of an accomplishment if more than one person could make use of the item. We’ve managed to slay one of three manifestations of our primary antagonist, but he’s hardly making an attempt to stop us, so it’s hard to say there’s any real animosity between us. We’re only going after him because that seems to be the only way to escape the pyramid.

My character (and myself) are simply exhausted and frustrated by the pyramid. Our party is bouncing from encounter to encounter, knowing full well that just around the bend is another group of monsters that’s more or less going to attack us on sight. Most of the excitement has gone out of the adventure, since none of the monsters will allow us to pass peacefully, but none of them will go out of their way to get at us.

I think the adventure itself is mostly to blame. I don’t know that any of the creatures are supposed to stray from their designated areas, but it sure is boring to simply walk from one encounter area to another when there’s little variation between what you can expect from the monsters. There were three plant-themed encounters after an aquatic-themed encounter and a bandit-themed encounter. Whoop-de-freaking-do.

In the words of Evil Vampire Willow: “Bored now.”