When I was in fifth or sixth grade (I can never keep it straight) I started writing this story, which was supposed to be my epic fantasy tale for all time, which I simply called A Story of Magick. I finished it, once. It wasn’t very long, and while it had a climax, it had no conclusion. Then I started rewriting it, and I never finished the revision. I started rewriting it again, and didn’t get nearly as far the second time around.

This happened a couple more times. I made less and less progress through the overall story and the characters changed a great deal in a very short time, but while the sections I rewrote got longer and longer, I felt as though I was making less and less progress. I’ve made numerous attempts over the years to tack the story onto another project. Something I was already working on, so I could finish it. Yeah, right.

So, here’s another shot: I’m not going to work on it now, but I’m going to give myself a chance, here. I’ve got this cool idea for how to tie the events of The Dragonslayers, its sequel, and my original Story of Magick (and its subsequent sequels and spin-offs) into one story, and set it in the same world as Rumors of War.