Following my previous post, I think I’ve figured out one of the problems with the short story I wrote, The Creature In The Quarry. It was one of those things that I sat down and tried to do all at once in a single burst of creative effort, and I don’t really do that well. Not on a short story level, anyway. While that’s more or less how I create these blog entries, it isn’t how I tell stories. I have to rehearse and modify my stories over a period of time.

There was to be time for an idea to stew in my head between when I first start putting together the ingredients and when I put the finishing touches on it. Admittedly, as long as I’ve got the recipe, like in the case of my webcomic, I may spend an awfully long time considering everything that goes into it and a very short time cooking the story up before serving, but it feels done, and I think there’s a level of consistency that I try to keep.

And I think I’ve been getting better with time, but I think The Creature in the Quarry is an shining example that things can still go wrong. I combined everything too quickly and too sloppily. I didn’t spend quite enough time visualizing it before I callously shoved it in the oven. I don’t know why I expected anything better than to … roasted. Still, it was a good thing, if for nothing other than reminding me to be humble.