I have plans for this weekend — and this is where I write about them. Yes. A little scatterbrained today, I’ve been all over the place creatively-speaking. I got less sleep last night than I have any other day this week, and I can tell how it’s affected my ability to concentrate. Sure, I might have been on fire the last couple days, but now I’m just trying to stay focused on one task long enough to see it to completion.

This morning I got some pages of my comic done, so that there will continue to be updates this weekend (the revised and updated goal is to update with a new page of Rumors of War every day for at least a year, and I have an unbroken record thus far) and I’m throwing together ideas for Chapter 18, which will begin on the seventeenth, and planning for the next six chapters to follow, starting in December.

I’m making excellent progress on my novel for National Novel-Writing Month. I’m averaging a thousand more words-per-day than I did last year, and I’ve got an ending in mind, an ending that I’m keeping in mind throughout the writing process. I hope to get in some extra words this weekend, maybe another two to three thousand words per day, but it depends largely on how much I outline this evening.