This weekend, I’m looking forward to another write-in, though I plan to be over the fifty thousand mark before I even go, so I’m not feeling pressured to write anymore. There will probably be some victory gloating, and maybe I’ll share some of my ideas, and get to talking with other people. I don’t know. I want to be more social at these events.

I want to be writerly, too, but I’m writerly at home or during lulls at work. When I go out, I don’t know, it’s just this thing — I’ve only gotten to see these people once a week, and some of them are really neat. It’s that I want to see them again, and I want to keep meeting with them after November. And I feel all sad and lonely again.

Anyway, the weekend! That’s right, I’m writing about the weekend. This weekend, in fact, and what I’m going to do when it starts in less than twenty-four hours. Saturday morning, I’m meeting with my cousin and a friend of his (another cousin?) to talk about a D&D game to play starting perhaps sometime in the New Year: not unlike the other New Year game.

After that, I’m headed downtown for the write-in, then I’m scooting back home to get ready for D&D that evening. It’s going to be a busy day. Sunday, I may or may not be seeing Megan (I don’t know what plans will be like) and/or assembling some shelves, and maybe going to see a movie, as well. Monday, I’m off to see Deathly Hallows, Part 1.