Here’s a great quote from the HBO series Rome: “Those two have powerful Gods on their side. I’ll not kill a man with friends of that sort.” Said of the show’s protagonists Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus (by Caesar, no less), regarding the pair’s miraculously survival of several suicide missions. (Despite being Too Dumb To Live at times.)

When I thought of the quote , it called to mind how lucky I sometimes feel that I’m able to do anything, sometimes, given a generally carefree nature that I strive to embody. Okay, maybe not. I mean the exact opposite. I like to think I’m easygoing, but I have an overwhelming sense of responsibility that causes endless amounts of stress for me unless I feel I’m working my hardest to do … something.

The other day, my mom told me a fun little anecdote from a time when I was too young to remember. Once or twice, at a local park, when a kid I was playing with was told by his (or her) mother that they had to stop playing, that it was time to go home, I told said parent to stop being mean and to leave the kid alone because we were having fun.

I spend a huge amount of energy trying to tune things out. If I didn’t I’d go crazy. The little, daily injustices that go by unnoticed by others weigh heavily on my conscience because I feel, deep down, that the universe isn’t going to do anything about it. I’m hardly omniscient, but I am pretty damned observant, and I know an awful lot of what goes on around me. Not being able to do much about it kills me. :(