So, I followed a couple links through cookiemonger’s blog, which led me to this one article by Randy Ingermanson about his “snowflake method” for writing/designing fiction. I get what he’s talking about, ’cause he approaches noveling like a software engineer. It’s pretty awesome. I might pick out some steps from his method to use for myself.

I did the very first step for Rumors of War. I don’t think it took me an hour, but I’ve had the story on my mind for well over a year at this point, so it only took me maybe half as long. I must have written that sentence … let me count … six times total. Each time I took out some extraneous words, added some detail, changed the phrasing or reorganized the thoughts, and when I finished, I had my fifteen-word sentence.

Not sure what I’ll do with my thesis sentence-thing now. I might write it at the top of each page of my notebook for the rest of the month. I don’t know if I’ll follow any of the other steps given for the snowflake method, but I wouldn’t put it past me for when I’m bored or lost or something. I don’t always know what’s going from moment to moment, but I know where the story needs to end up.