Have you read the article about the guy who went on the junk food diet and lost weight? He was trying to prove that it was possible to achieve a body weight index (whatever it’s called) by eating multivitamins and counting calories. And it worked. He lost close to thirty pounds in two months using his diet, which he said he wouldn’t recommend to anyone. It indicates that there’s something missing in how we calculate healthiness.

I thought, for the hell of it, I’d estimate my daily calorie intake and compare it to roughly where I should be at. I drink two protein shakes in the morning (spaced out over about two hours), I eat a cup of yogurt in the afternoon, and drink (at least) three bottles of sports-flavored water over the course a day. I also usually eat a disgusting microwave meal for lunch, and eat two to four cheese sticks throughout the day and a quarter cup of almonds.

All of this (before dinner) works out to be about 1,600 calories, if I consume all of it. And some days I don’t eat four cheese sticks (100 cal each). And some days I don’t eat a quarter cup of almonds (150 cal). When the numbers vary, it’s usually me consuming less. I’m not sure how much my dinners tend to add to the count, but I’m still within reasonable bounds if my dinners are between 400-600 calories. I’ve never done the math before.