I was saddened to learn this morning that the trope The Trains Run On Time was renamed to be No Delays For The Wicked because the trope applied so perfectly to my situation this morning: the Utah Transit Authority is clearly evil. The older version of the trope, at least the one I remember reading, was something about “when the old government is overthrown, the new one makes sure the people don’t care by making sure the trains run on time.” Of course, I think that’s a different trope entirely.

I walked to the train stop this morning and the train was late and it was missing two cars. The one car they had was already mostly full. Some more people packed into it and it sped away, without me. I called my mom (also my roommate) and arranged for a lift downtown. If this train was late and full to bursting, there was no guarantee that I’d be able to make it on the next one. Sure enough, the next train showed up about ten minutes later, but with two full cars instead of one. I declined to board and waited for my ride.

For all the anger and missing of trains, I still managed to get to work at a reasonable time. The normal start time is 8:30 (I almost always arrive about twenty minutes early) and I walked in the door right on time. Late for me, but on time for everyone else. I was a little miffed, but it’s hard to complain — who am I kidding, it’s easy to complain. I hate the UTA now … but only just a little bit more than I already hated them. And by hate, I mean “mildly annoyed to the point that I grumble occasionally.”