It takes me a little while to get to some of the NaNoWriMo pep talks, so please forgive me if you’ve already read the most recent one from Dave Eggers (which was actually only from this morning, now that I actually notice it, that means I must have another one lurking about that I haven’t read yet) about procrastination. Funny, me procrastinating about reading about procrastinating. But that’s beside the point.

He talks about how important it is to get up and do things, to get the writing done. He speaks highly of NaNoWriMo and how it helps motivate people to get up, get about, and write. For anyone who wants to write, it’s important to find that motivation, whatever it is. If you have to motivate yourself with deadlines, floods, fires, whatever it takes — to get the writing done. Revising can happen later.

Speaking of “getting it done” and revising later: the novel I wrote for NaNo’ 2009 may never see light. I may never touch it again, much less edit it and try to get it published. What it did for me, though, was prove (again) that I had it in me to get it done. It’s what spurred me to work on my webcomic, Rumors of War, and it’s what continues to motivate me now. I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again. And I’ll keep doing it, again and again.

I plan to make my participation in NaNoWriMo a tradition. It’s like running a marathon for me, and it helps to renew my belief in my strength and tenacity. I will continue writing, I will continue to grow as a writer. I’ll continue to grow stronger, and I will continue the tradition. I will do what it takes, I will continue to write. Emphasis on continued writing. Putting words on the page. Getting my writing out there. Getting better.

It’s the story of The Little Engine That Could. It’s how Harry conjured his patronus. They knew they could do it, they had confidence, because they’d already done it.