I opened my email last night and spotted something that I remember being one of my favorite parts of National Novel-Writing Month (apart from the 50,000 words at the end of the month), and that’s the pep talk emails. I don’t know why, and it seems silly to think so, but I feel like almost every one of those pep talk emails is actually written to me.

Whoever is in charge of choosing the pep talk writers is doing an excellent job in choosing writers who convey to their readers the feelings of writing regularly. I almost wish I could get these sorts of pep talks in my inbox all the time, but I’m afraid that might take away some of the magic. Maybe if I’d participated every year I could read them every day.

I love how NaNoWriMo is an overwhelmingly, positively-charged event. Everyone wants everyone else to succeed. The fact that it’s Election Day brings to mind a sharp contrast the wrongness of our political system today. I remember a line from Red: “This used to be a gentleman’s game.” I think every politician should vote for their opponents.

I think every politician on the campaign trail (not to be confused with my Campaign Trail gaming articles) should at all times be praising their opponents openly, congratulating them in the polls, smiling, and shaking hands with them, posing for pictures, and giving each other gifts. Our country needs a positive political image, not a negative one. Seriously.