Today was a weird, slow day. I went to sleep really, really late last night (technically this morning) and went to the write-in. I know now, that for the purpose of these future write-ins, that I can’t rely on actually getting any writing done at them. I love meeting and hanging out with other writers but goodness gracious, if there are that many people present next week, too, I fear for my ability to get anything done.

I can’t say I accomplished nothing because really, I got some valuable research in, and I did do a little writing. It helps that I actually wrote quite a bit before I went to bed (early, early that morning) so I still easily hit my daily writing quota, but I didn’t hit the 3,000 words I’d been getting all week, and that made me sad. Due to sheer exhaustion, I didn’t get my entries done on schedule, and so I’m in the doghouse.

I’m writing this entry after eight, after my D&D game, and I only feel a little bad. A combination of bad sleep, rush of awesomeness from hanging out with a bunch of cool new writerly-type people (Rowan and Dylan were there, too!) and not getting as much writing done as I would have liked, the blogs being late, and D&D tonight was kind of … weird. I don’t know, it all makes me feel kind of blegh.