Woke up a bit sluggish yesterday morning, and I tried to focus on stuff to get through the blog before moving on to the novel and webcomic. I spent most of the train ride thinking about Escape from White Cliff, the “New Years’ Game,” and Diablo 2, of course. I think I might end up writing about those three things all month unless I find something else to fill the time between writing sessions. *laughs*

First thing in the morning was tough, I wanted to make sure I had something lined up in my head to start working on as soon as I hit my first downtime at work, and I managed to get in all three blogs by nine thirty again. I did get caught up in a bit of work (and research), though, and didn’t take a novel-writing session until well after ten. I did manage to crank out nearly two thousand words in that time, so I more than made up for taking my time to get to it before lunch.

Tried to exercise on my lunch time and had a difficult time focusing. Managed to get through most of my stretches, though I kept skipping and forgetting positions while thinking about characters and story and setting… I narrowed down the encounters I want to focus on for the first encounter block of White Cliff, and I started taking notes for the second block. In the meantime, those extra encounters are going into “holding,” while I look for other places to insert them.

The research I did was mostly for the New Years’ Game, and I did some reading on Lycaon. I have place names and the names of a couple major NPCs. Since I’m basically going to just give Keep on the Shadowfell a face-lift for this, all I’m worrying about for the time being are what I’m going to call things and their little background. I have a lot of the background movers and shakers worked out already. Yay me!