I had fun yesterday. I think it’s important to have fun now and again. I got about eight hours of sleep, and when I got up, I wrote a little, checked FaceBook and email and some other nonsense, and took a shower. We went first to Costco so I could return the PS3 (which turned out to be easier than I anticipated, and less nerve-wracking at the same time) and I had to deposit cash from the refund back in my account.

Costco couldn’t put money back on my debit card, so it took a trip to Chase to put the money away. When I walked in, they were slow enough that one of the “desk guys” said he’d help me out. I grabbed a deposit slip and sat down with the guy at his little desk. In exchange for him filling out my deposit slip, I smiled and listened to his spiel, shook his hand, and took one of his business cards.

I didn’t want what he was selling, but he was kind enough to fill out my deposit slip for me, so I was polite and listened. And then we went to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One. I was reasonably entertained. Then we went to get food at Pei Wei’s (I got sesame chicken on brown rice and a cup of the Thai won-ton soup) and then I turned in the application for a credit card (I’d picked it up earlier).

It was a day of fun and errands, which can successfully co-mingle. I wrote a little after I got home, and Megan came to pick me up around 6ish, I think. She didn’t get any cleaning done, but we had a lovely little chat, I wrote a little more, and we ate together (I had two “gourmet chicken tacos with bacon” from Rubio’s) while watching the first episode of Princess Tutu. All in all, I would call it a very successful day.