I’m trying to remember what I spent most of yesterday doing. It didn’t seem like such a productive day: most of it was taken up by catching up with work I’d missed from the previous day, and blogging. Thankfully, I’d written extra blog posts the day before, so I didn’t have too much to do. I visited a friend’s blog and left some comments. I read some, but I couldn’t tell you what about. There was some little stuff here and there.

Went out for lunch. Met with a friend from the write-ins and we ate and chatted. It was nice. I had a sandwich from the deli that had hummus and veggies in it. Definitely not my favorite sandwich, but I’m glad I tried it. It’s important to step outside the boundaries of the familiar every now and again. Plus, it was hard to pass up a dare to try something new. Also, she shared her chocolate with me. ^_^

The day was cold and windy, and generally unpleasant. The morning was probably the worst, despite all the talk of blizzard warnings and whatnot. I don’t care what the reports said, the cold, nasty wind that blew through during the morning was the worst. I got so angry at it that I yelled curses at it — I watched the first two episodes of Avatar the Last Airbender with my mom. Don’t think she was impressed. Not surprised.

Finally got to work on writing the script for the next couple pages of comic. Hope to finish the rest of the chapter tomorrow so I can get started on the next arc as soon as possible. I’ve let myself grow too lax what with the blog and the month of novel-writing. I don’t know, maybe I’m being too hard on myself. I think I probably just need some decent rest. I’ve been so tired lately. I probably just need some sleep.