Ye gods, is it that hour already? What day is it? What year is it? Who’s the current president? HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN AWAKE? Yesterday I got up early, not earlier than I get up on week days, but earlier than I’m used to on the weekends. And I met cookiemonger on the TRAX and we went downtown to have breakfast. I’d managed to write two posts before I left, which meant only the afternoon and evening posts were late.

We sat at the table in the restaurant for several hours, talking. I’d brought one of my sketchbooks, which we looked through together, with me making embarrassed gibbering noises periodically. We walked to Trolley Square, stopping by Smith’s briefly to warm up because it was so beastly cold outside. We looked around at shops and quipped about things we saw, and were generally foolish and entertaining. :D

We walked from the train stop to SEARS, from which we were whisked away to the site of her sister’s surprise birthday party, where I met quite a few people (and some dogs). The house was a lovely place, and the people were lovely too. For not knowing anyone there, they were easygoing and I think we got on well (there were quite a lot of people there, by and by). The day ended with a long, long phone conversation. :)