Yesterday was a lazy day, unless you count the furious morning hours after I got home from gaming but before I went to sleep. I managed to write most of my blog entries in those first few hours and then I didn’t get up until almost one in the afternoon, which is quite a bit later than I usually get up (even on the weekend).

I wasn’t up to much, mostly spent time lurking around the Internet and warding off headaches. I logged in to Guild Wars for almost a whole hour, finally picked up my Halloween costumes and the new wedding costumes for the wedding between Gwen and Keiran following the War in Kryta event.

Megan and I played “dress up” with our characters for a while before Dell informed me that it absolutely had to install some updates, and it hijacked my attention for the next thirty minutes or so. I still haven’t gotten the stupid printer drivers to install so I can print from my laptop. I haven’t quite given up yet, but it won’t be long now…

I played just enough of Diablo 2 to get from the Outer Cloister waypoint to the Jail Level 1 waypoint. Killed some monsters, tooke their loot, that sort of thing. I caught up on the last two days of Facebook. I sniffed around both Deviant Art and LiveJournal. Lurked around the NaNo forums. Successfully avoided working on the comic… not proud of that one.