Spent most of the day writing — not working on the novel, the comic, or the blog — I did write all my blog entries for today by a reasonable time, and I have plenty of material for a couple days, if only I can write it. I will be out and about for most of the second half of the day — holiday and all that — so I’ll definitely need to get all my blog posts done first thing.

Most of my writing was exchanging emails with a new friend. We covered a lot of topics: life, the universe, everything. Mostly gaming, experiences, a little religion, hopes, dreams, plans, the future, the past, the weather; all sorts of things. I’m at a bit of an impasse here with myself. I want to write about my good day but I feel compelled to keep it to myself.

I am a private person, and my privacy means a lot to me. I’ve also chosen to give up a measure of my privacy to create this presence on the Internet, and how can I advocate things like an “open book policy” when it comes to relatively “simple” things like gaming if I don’t follow them in my personal life? Then again, I call it a personal life for a reason.

Now I’m teasing you, though. Really, we’ve only just met and we’re getting to know each other. She’s the same friend I met for lunch the other day, we met through NaNoWriMo, and I hope to see her again. I’m optimistic! It turns out we have lots and lots of things in common. It’s neat, she’s cool, and I’m excited to see her again.

edit: George Lucas also came up in passing.